Julang Jiang

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The combination of the chaotic theory and the cryptography is an important study field of the image encryption. Classical Arnold cat map can change the position of image pixel points through iteration, but these pixel points will return to the original position after iterating many times. It is obvious not enough to carry on the encryption by using it only.(More)
Satisfactory results have been acquired in functional optimization by adopting particle swarm optimization. Its significant feature is simpler expression, less parameters and easier operation. However, selection of key parameters has great influence on algorithm effects. The enactment of the parameters of particle swarm optimization has been determined by(More)
Texture Atlas is a kind of large image consisting of many sub-images, which are usually used to store surface texture in realistic rendering. In order to reach a higher capacity rate for the atlas, a novel method of automatically generating texture atlas for triangular meshes is presented. Each triangular is rotated until its longest edge is in horizontal(More)
Texture synthesis is used to render high quality textures on surfaces, and has been widely recognized as an important research topic in surface rendering. To overcome the low efficiency of previous methods, we present a fast algorithm to synthesize texture on surfaces. First, the surfaces are segmented into a series of mapping areas and synthesis areas(More)
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