Jukka Tyrkkö

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OBJECTIVE To examine how breast cancers found by mammographic screening differ from those found outside screening. DESIGN Comparative cohort study. SETTING Turku, southwestern Finland. PATIENTS 126 women aged 40-74 years with breast cancer detected during the first round of mammographic screening in 1987-90 and 125 women within the same age range with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate endometrial thickness and uterine arterial flow measurement as predictors of endometrial cancer. DESIGN Prospective study among a cohort of women invited to age-adjusted, population-based breast cancer screening by mammography. SETTING City of Turku, Finland. POPULATION 1074 postmenopausal women aged 57-61 years (mean 59 years).(More)
A 42-year-old man had suffered from skin psoriasis for 27 years, psoriasis arthritis for 6 years and corneal crystalline deposits for 1 year, when an IgG-kappa monoclonal immunoglobulin was detected in his serum electrophoretic pattern. All the diagnostic studies for multiple myeloma were negative. However, 16 months later he developed this disease.
Postmenopausal endometrial fluid accumulation was considered in the past to be related to cancer of the genital organs. Our purpose was to evaluate its prevalence, and its association with cervical stricture, use of hormone replacement therapy and endometrial pathology. A group of 1074 asymptomatic postmenopausal women aged 57-61 (mean 59) years was(More)
BACKGROUND The interest in mass screening programs for the early detection of endometrial cancer (EC) has grown with the rising incidence of this disease. Preliminary programs directed at asymptomatic women with only one risk factor, i.e. age, have not been cost-effective. METHODS In the current study, 597 asymptomatic women from 45-69 years of age with(More)
The fine needle aspiration biopsy findings in four cases of renal oncocytomas were reviewed. The cytologic smears contained many large, well-demarcated, eosinophilic cells with prominent nucleoli. Some of the cells were binucleated. The findings in these cases indicate that renal oncocytoma may be suggested preoperatively on the bases of renal angiography(More)