Jukka Purma

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Workplace learning happens in the process and context of work, is multi-episodic, often informal, problem based and takes place on a just-in-time basis. While this is a very effective means of delivery, it also does not scale very well beyond the immediate context. We review three types of technologies that have been suggested to scale learning and three(More)
While several technological advances have been suggested to scale learning at the workplace, none has been successful to scale informal learning. We review three theoretical discourses and suggest an integrated systems model of scaffolding informal workplace learning that has been created to tackle this challenge. We derive research questions that emerge(More)
This paper presents the open learning object repository and collaborative authoring platform LeMill (http://lemill.net), which has over 7,500 members and over 8,500 reusable learning resources (situation in October 30th, 2009), all created by the community members. The design of LeMill has tackled numerous challenges that hinder the authoring and sharing of(More)
The aim of this short paper is to look at how mobile video recording devices could support learning related to physical practices or places and situations at work. This paper discusses particular kind of workplace learning, namely learning using short video clips that are related to physical environment and tasks preformed in situ. The paper presents(More)
This paper presents an idea of a poster with an interactive installation. The aim of the poster is to open discussion about the possibilities to combine the principles of concept map and knowledge building discourse techniques in a way that will benefit meaningful learning. The poster will include four design proposals and prototypes with the possibility to(More)
There are many mobile apps supporting informal learning tasks like sense-making out of multimedia materials. However, regardless how well these have been implemented, their scope and scalability is limited either by overspecialization and consequently limited transferability or by over-generalization – with a lack of informal learning support for most Web(More)
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