Jukka Parviainen

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— In this paper, we propose an adaptive linear approach for time series modeling and steam line leakage detection. Weighted recursive least squares (WRLS) method is used for modeling. Interpretive variables of an adaptive model should be linearly correlated to ensure a robust model. In this paper it is ensured by examining eigenvalues and eigenvec-tors of(More)
A music recognition application (MUREA) is implemented for identifying songs from a database of songs. The system trains a GMM model for each song in the database using MFCC features extracted from raw audio. The time-independent models represent the spectral properties of the songs. Songs are identified by comparing the likelihoods of the models. Pruning(More)
In this paper I will present the results of my project work for the course " Self-Organizing Maps for Data Mining " held by professor Samuel Kaski. I will replicate the results presented in [Kaski et al. 1998] and compare them to results obtained using the same methods with the GTM algorithm [Bishop et al. 1998]. I will confirm the similarity between the(More)
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