Jukka Lumio

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BACKGROUND In a previous study we observed an increasing trend in candidemia in Finland in the 1990s. Our aim was now to investigate further population-based secular trends, as well as outcome, and evaluate the association of fluconazole consumption and prophylaxis policy with the observed findings. METHODS We analyzed laboratory-based surveillance data(More)
BACKGROUND Bacteraemia is still a major cause of case fatality in all age groups. Our aim was to identify the major underlying conditions constituting risk factors for case fatality in bacteraemia patients. METHODS The study involved 149 patients (79 male and 70 female) with bacteraemia caused by Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) (41 patients),(More)
The clinical findings are described in the first reported European case of fatal encephalitis of bat origin caused by a rabies-related virus. A bat zoologist developed the symptoms of rabies 51 days after his last exposure to a bat bite. The clinical disease of 23 days duration was a combination of the paralytic and 'furious' forms of rabies. Serial BAEP(More)
An extensive drinking water-associated gastroenteritis outbreak took place in the town of Nokia in Southern Finland in 2007. 53% of the exposed came down with gastroenteritis and 7% had arthritis-like symptoms (joint swelling, redness, warmth or pain in movement) according to a population-based questionnaire study at 8 weeks after the incident.(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive backflow of treated wastewater caused household water contamination in a Finnish town in 2007. The drinking water of 9 500 residents became heavily polluted with faecal microbes, resulting in a large gastroenteritis epidemic. Cases of reactive arthritis, milder joint symptoms and prolonged gastrointestinal symptoms were observed after(More)
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