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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is a key factor in tumorigenesis. The association between EGFR expression and prognosis in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is not clear. In our study of 134 RCCs, the cellular location of immunostaining was evaluated and patients with EGFR-positive tumours with prominent membranous staining had a good prognosis. Their(More)
The special nature of groceries, especially perishables, challenges the possibilities of digital channels i.e. computers and networks to improve customer service. We report the findings of theme interviews on the potential of electronic commerce (EC) of groceries with 33 experts of grocery industry and EC, most of them senior executives, in 23 organisations(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to evaluate the agreement of local and review urinary cytology in patients with newly diagnosed bladder cancer and in those being followed for their disease. In addition, the effect of the type of institution on agreement was determined. METHODS A total of 652 consecutive patients with bladder cancer from 19(More)
In local or metastatic cancer, a prognostic tumour marker could be a valuable tool in the selection of different treatments. In renal cell cancer (RCC) no such markers have been available. We therefore evaluated the association between several pretreatment serum markers, tumour classification and short term survival in RCC patients. Serum samples were(More)
PURPOSE Proliferation and programmed cell death (apoptosis) are key factors in oncogenesis and tumor progression. In carcinogenesis important regulators of apoptosis are members of the Bcl-2 family. In this family the Bcl-2 gene has an inhibitory effect on apoptosis, while Bax promotes cell death. In renal cell carcinoma (RCC) the associations between Bcl-2(More)
Peroxiredoxins (Prxs) 1-6 were assessed in 138 renal cell carcinomas (RCC) using immunohistochemistry and selected samples by Western blotting analysis. Oxidative/nitrosative damage was evaluated using nitrotyrosine immunoreactivity. The expressions of Prxs were correlated with tumor grade and survival and nitrotyrosine reactivity. Non-malignant kidney(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore whether genetic polymorphisms in platelet receptors known to be associated with platelet activity have any association with haematogenous metastases in renal cell carcinoma (RCC), as platelets and their fibrinogen receptors may be central to haematogenous cancer spread, in addition to various adhesive proteins on both platelets and(More)