Juichi Kosakaya

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Abslracf Through the research reported here, a SCADA system with improved Serviceability has been developed. Introducing the multi-agent (MA) technology into B distributed control system can reduce system cost and improve serviceability. To further improve serviceability and make the system more cost-effective, the predictive-agent function and(More)
Multi-agent (MA) technology can improve the serviceability and enhance maintenance-free operation for SCADA systems with the inter-terminal parameter (ITP) method. In addition, the system's distributed intelligent field terminals (IFTs) use a common algorithm that is unaffected by any changes to the system specifications. As a result of these innovations,(More)
Local traditional arts people and the city's traditional music preservation society have strongly wanted a technology to accurately score traditional music, especially Tsugaru Shamisen. This music will be preserved as scores, which avoids relying solely on the oral transmission of this music to the young performers. At this time, we have experimentally(More)
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