Jui-Ping Wang

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Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. (Lamiaceae) has traditionally been used to treat diseases, including tumors, but the antitumorigenesis mechanism is unclear. We evaluated the effects of Perilla frutescens leaf extract (PLE) on proliferation and apoptosis inducing in human hepatoma HepG2 cells using a cell proliferation assay, flow cytometry, and cDNA(More)
Dysregulated p53 expression has been implicated as a major contributor to numerous tumorigenesis. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within the functional consequence of the novel p53 promoter region remains obscure. Herein, we aimed to establish the extent of genetic variability within the promoter region of p53 gene as well as their association with(More)
The importance of detecting and subtyping human papillomaviruses (HPVs) in clinical and epidemiological studies has been well addressed. In detecting the most common types of HPV, type 16 (HPV-16) and type 18 (HPV-18), in the cervical mucous of patients in a simple and rapid manner, the assay of a label-free colorimetric DNA sensing method based on sequence(More)
This paper describes our experiments and results in the NTCIR-9 Chinese-to-English Patent Translation Task. A series of open source software were integrated to build a statistical machine translation model for the task. Various Chinese segmentation, additional resources, and training corpus preprocessing were then tried based on this model. As a result,(More)
We investigate the potential contribution of a very specific feature to the quality of Chinese translations of English verbs. Researchers have studied the effects of the linguistic information about the verbs being translated, and many have reported how considering the objects of the verbs will facilitate the quality of translations. In this paper, we take(More)
Instead of directly providing the service of Chinese segmentation, some open-source software allows us to train segmentation models with segmented text. The resulting models can perform quite well, if training data of high quality are available. In reality, it is not easy to obtain sufficient and excellent training data, unfortunately. We report an(More)
Chinese texts do not contain spaces as word separators like English and many alphabetic languages. To use Moses to train translation models, we must segment Chinese texts into sequences of Chinese words. Increasingly more software tools for Chinese segmentation are populated on the Internet in recent years. However, some of these tools were trained with(More)
Patients with Type I diabetes mellitus have been treated with porcine insulin for several decades and pigs have recently been deemed an ideal source of microencapsulated islet cells for clinical xenotransplantation. In this study, neonatal pigs were anesthetized and sacrificed prior to a pancreatectomy. Islet cells were isolated from pancreas via(More)
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