Jui-Chu Chang

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Carbon emissions are an increasingly important consideration in sustainable environmental development. In the green building industry, green construction cost controls and low-carbon construction methods are considered to be the key barriers encountered. Based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, management of carbon emissions from green(More)
Carbon emissions are receiving greater scrutiny in many countries due to international forces to reduce anthropogenic global climate change. Carbon taxation is one of the most common carbon emission regulation policies, and companies must incorporate it into their production and pricing decisions. Activity-based costing (ABC) and the theory of constraints(More)
This short book of 269 pages contains a series of concise chapters, that are clearly grouped into topics. All the chapters have a uniformity of presentation. The literature is extensively reviewed; the science and the therapeutic applications are well explained and discussed. Inevitably, some repetition occurs. This book successfully presents scientific(More)
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