Jui-Cheng Yen

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A new criterion for multilevel thresholding is proposed. The criterion is based on the consideration of two factors. The first one is the discrepancy between the thresholded and original images and the second one is the number of bits required to represent the thresholded image. Based on a new maximum correlation criterion for bilevel thresholding, the(More)
We propose a new signal security system and its VLSI architecture for real-time multimedia data transmission applications. We first define two bit-circulation functions for one-dimensional binary array transformation. Then, we exploit a chaotic system in generating a binary sequence to control the bit-circulation functions defined for performing the(More)
Abstruct The basic ideas of the signal encryption algorithms can be classified into three major types: position permutation, value transformation and the combinationform. In this paper, a new signal security system and its VLSl architecture are proposed. The encryption algorithm belongs to the combination form. Based on two bitsirculation functions with(More)
In this paper, a new neural-network model called WINSTRON and its novel array architecture are proposed. Based on a competitive learning algorithm that is originated from the coarse-fine competition, WINSTRON can identify the k larger elements or the k smaller ones in a data set. We will then prove that WINSTRON converges to the correct state in any(More)