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The capsaicinoid synthetase (CS) gene cosegregated perfectly with the C locus, which controls the presence of pungency, in 121 F2 individuals from a cross between 'ECW123R' and 'CM334', both of Capsicum annuum. We concluded that CS and C are tightly linked. Sequence analysis of the genes of four pungent and four non-pungent pepper lines showed that the(More)
Purpose: The reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) amplification of tumor-specific mRNA has been used for the detection of cancer cells in peripheral blood. More recently, an immunomagnetic isolation and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (immunobead RT-PCR) was developed which has reportedly significant advantages over the(More)
The importance of research on knowledge management is growing due to recent issues on Big Data. One of the most fundamental steps in knowledge management is the extraction of terminologies. Terms are often expressed in various forms and the variations often play a negative role, becoming an obstacle which causes knowledge systems to extract unnecessary(More)
During nephrogenesis, multipotent mesenchymal nephron progenitors develop into distinct epithelial segments. Each nephron segment has distinct cell types and physiological function. In the current model of kidney development, Notch signaling promotes the formation of proximal tubules and represses the formation of distal tubules. Here, we present a novel(More)
In this paper, a semi-supervised method for automatic keyword extraction of web documents using unconventional Markov Chain with conditional transition matrices for each distinct feature distributed by Transition Probability Distribution Generator (TPDG) is introduced. Since keywords are the set of the most appropriate and relevant words which define the(More)
Over the years, many researchers have been studied to detect expansions of acronyms in texts by using linguistic and syntactical approaches in order to overcome disambiguation problems. Acronym is an abbreviation formed which is composed of initial components of single or multiple words. These initial components bring huge mistakes when a machine conducts(More)
During the last decade, the emerging technology for video retrieval is mainly based on the content. However, semantic-based video retrieval has become more and more necessary for the humans especially the naive users who can only use the human language during retrieval. In this paper, we focus on semantic representation using topological and directional(More)
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