Juho Salminen

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This literature review focuses on collective intelligence in humans. A keyword search was performed on the Web of Knowledge and selected papers were reviewed in order to reveal themes relevant to collective intelligence. Three levels of abstraction were identified in discussion about the phenomenon: the micro-level, the macro-level and the level of(More)
Users and customers are becoming increasingly important sources of knowledge due to changes in innovation policies and paradigms. Simultaneously innovation is becoming more of a networking activity. New methods are needed for processing information and ideas coming from multiple sources more effectively. For example, the whole personnel of an organisation(More)
There is an increasing number of scientific articles being published, which makes tracking the state of the art more time-consuming. There are software tools available to help with systematic mapping studies in a field of science, but most of these tools are closed source and involve several manual time-consuming steps that could be automated further. We(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) contain sensor nodes powered by limited batteries. How to solve the tension between real-time reactivity to external events and energy saving for long lifetime is one major challenge. Duty cycle scheduling provides a method to balance the tension based on the application scenarios. However, time critical WSN applications often(More)
In this paper, we present an analysis method that allows the combination of multiple data sources by extending the NAILS bibliometric cloud service, with the focus on the development of a novel cloud-based online infrastructure that enables the user to compare scientific literature and patent data related to a particular technology domain. This cloud-based(More)
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