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Open Source Software development is seen as a panacea by many companies. The promise of community-style development, innovation and cost savings drive the wider adoption of OSS in companies. However, it is still difficult to institutionalize the open and agile culture of sharing innovation especially into larger departmentalized organizations. The aim of(More)
This paper discusses the meaning of open source in an industrial context. Building a grounded theory from an industry-driven R&D project, our analysis shows that open source in an industrial context is multifaceted. We find that the meaning of open source must be established in the context of the individual organization.
Increasing number of companies conduct their business employing various Open source software (OSS) licenses. The choice of correct license determines the business potential of a given software. When the available OSS stack and licensing options grow, so does the need for research concerning the interplay between OSS licensing, sourcing decisions and(More)