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Open Source Software development is seen as a panacea by many companies. The promise of community-style development, innovation and cost savings drive the wider adoption of OSS in companies. However, it is still difficult to institutionalize the open and agile culture of sharing innovation especially into larger departmentalized organizations. The aim of(More)
Introduction This article addresses the question of how the right to fork open source projects – to use the source code of an existing program to start a new, independent version – works as a governance mechanism to provide sustainability in open source software. The concept of sustainability is under debate, with numerous rubrics against which the(More)
The ability to create high-quality software artifacts that are usable over time is one of the essential requirements of the software business. In such a setting, open source software offers excellent opportunities for sustainability. In particular, safeguarding mechanisms against planned obsolescence by any single actor are built into the definition of open(More)