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Development of embedded systems is challenging and for addressing these issues a multitude of tools have been created. This multitude of tools needs to be used seamlessly during development, but usually the tools are disconnected making their use laborious as the consistency of data in the tools have to be managed manually. Tool integration helps in(More)
This thesis presents how the hardware-related software development process can be improved by means of tool integration. Challenges in hardware-related software development are diverse, which is why a multitude of tools is needed during the development. The tools produce data that needs to be managed, but the tools are disconnected. Tool integration(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for integration of multiple tools and phases used in embedded systems’ hardware/software co-design. As a single example case we examine closer a performance simulation solution, which can be used for evaluation of proper number of processors. The solution is meant for supporting development of embedded systems by(More)