Juhn-Horng Chen

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In this study, EWMA (exponentially weighted moving average) predictor and minimum-variance controller were applied to improve the product quality in the injection molding process. To simplify the process model and reduce the system loads, design of experiments (DOE) technique was adopted to analyze the important factors which have the significant effects on(More)
In recent years, there has been an expanding research on the applications of fractional calculus to the areas of signal processing, modeling, and controls. Analog circuit implementation of chaotic systems is used in studying the nonlinear dynamical phenomena, as well as applied in realizing the controller development. In this paper, chain fractance and tree(More)
This research applies Advanced Process Control (APC)-based injection molding system to improve the quality of products. The relationships between the input parameters (injection velocity, injection pressure, injection time and barrel temperature) and a single output variable (the weight of product) were found through an experimental design method. Moreover,(More)
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