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This paper presents a new generic algorithm for image interpolation as well as lossless image coding. Main motivation behind the work is to reduce computational complexity involved in using Least Square Error Minimization (LS). The proposed method down samples the given image to its quarter size and then to its (1/16)th size. For each downsampled image, the(More)
This paper proposes an efficient procedure for removal of salt and pepper noises from the noisy images on the basis of their local edge preserving filters. This algorithm consists of two major stages. In the first stage, the maximum and minimum pixel value in the the corrupted image is used to select noisy pixels or noise free pixels and then in second(More)
In view of high data embedding capacity and many real time applications, we have proposed a reversible invisible watermarking algorithm. The technique is used to embed a set of watermark data in an image using a one pass embedding process and later recovering the original image without any loss, after the extraction of watermark. Main motivation behind this(More)
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