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Tourism is considered as a most profitable industry in today's era, because it provides the opportunity to the people to earn chunk of money. Whenever a person opens a particular site, in order to attain information about a particular tourism spot, then the website always shows the same data to different number of people i.e. the content remains the same.(More)
Dynamic Packaging Systems in e-Tourism Information System is a new form of business that support e-tourism as well as e-travel organizations like as airlines, hoteliers, car rental companies, leisure suppliers, and travel agencies. One main type of e-tourism applications that has surfaced to support these requirements is dynamic packaging systems in recent(More)
Plagiarism of digital documents seems a serious problem in today's era. Plagiarism refers to the use of someone's data, language and writing without proper acknowledgment of the original source. Plagiarism of another author's original work is one of the biggest problems in publishing, science, and education. Plagiarism can be of different types. This paper(More)
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