Juhani Pulkkinen

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Transgenic Bt (expressing the cry1Ac endotoxin gene) and conventional oilseed rape plants grown in different soils were used to study nutrient uptake and emission of volatiles after herbivore damage. All plants were greenhouse-grown in soils representing low-, medium- and high-nutrient levels. The concentrations of N, P, K, Mg and Zn were significantly(More)
In proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (1H MRSI), the recorded spectra are often linear combinations of spectra from different cell and tissue types within the voxel. This produces problems for data analysis and interpretation. A sophisticated approach is proposed here to handle the complexity of tissue heterogeneity in MRSI data. The(More)
Long echo time (TE=270 ms) in vivo proton NMR spectra resembling human brain metabolite patterns were simulated for lineshape fitting (LF) and quantitative artificial neural network (ANN) analyses. A set of experimental in vivo 1H NMR spectra were first analyzed by the LF method to match the signal-to-noise ratios and linewidths of simulated spectra to(More)
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