Juha T. Toivanen

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In 43 patients the blood flow in 48 superficial metastatic tumors was measured with the 133xenon wash-out method. In all cases the blood flow was measured before the start of radiotherapy and then one week later during radiotherapy. In 36 cases the blood flow was measured after 2 weeks during radiotherapy, and in six patients the follow-up lasted 5-6 weeks.(More)
We investigate how the user’s body affects the radiation characteristics, e.g., radiation pattern and total radiated power (TRP), of mobile phones. We carried out measurements for two Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) 900/1800 phones with two measurement systems: a 3-D far-field pattern measurement system and the Rapid Antenna Measurement System(More)
The value of scintigraphy in predicting development of new erosions in small peripheral joints was studied by visual evaluation of scintigrams and by three computerised methods. In 13 patients with newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis a total of 387 joints were examined clinically, scintigraphically, and radiographically. The follow up period was 24 months.(More)
Intervillous blood flow (IVBF) was measured intravenously with a new quantitative 133Xe method in 50 normal and 74 complicated late pregnancies between the 35th and 42nd weeks. The distribution of individual flow rates seemed to be fairly wide in both the normal and the pathological groups. The mean rate of IVBF in normal pregnancies was 140 ml/100 ml of(More)
The structural and geometrical properties of the tibia shaft were investigated at two sections by means of computerized tomography (CT) in 78-year-old women with high (n = 19) and low (n = 17) calcaneal bone mineral density (BMD, g/cm3) previously measured by 125I-photon absorption. The high BMD group had a 20-21% higher tibial BMD and 9-12% higher bone(More)
Haemodynamic changes during a 3-wk treatment with oestradiol valerianate (2 mg/day orally) were studied in 12 postmenopausal women by isotope 113Inm radiocardiography. Systolic blood pressure measured in the supine position decreased during oestradiol treatment by 3% (P less than 0.05) and the diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4% (P less than 0.01). The(More)
99mTc-methylene diphosphonate (99mTc-MDP) scintigraphy of peripheral joints was studied by visual evaluation (Visual Assessment) of the scintigrams and by a computerized region-of-interest (ROI) method without, or with a reference region (ROI method or Corrected ROI method). Sixteen rheumatoid patients and a total of 477 peripheral joints were studied and(More)
Standardization work of the OTA test method for MIMO terminals is currently on-going. This paper discusses, mainly from the electromagnetics viewpoint, field synthesis with multi-probe technology with the emphasis on 2-D field synthesis using a circular array. Furthermore, opportunities and practical challenges of multi-probe technology for MIMO-OTA testing(More)
The uteroplacental blood flow was measured in 26 normal pregnant women between the 36-43 weeks of pregnancy before and after a short-term treatment of isoxsuprine. The patients had no complications of pregnancy and no uterine contractions during this time. We used our intravenous Xe-133 method for measuring the intervillous and myometrial perfusion (20).(More)