Juha Puttonen

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Mobile IPv6 provides comprehensive mobility management for the IPv6 protocol. It provides many benefits compared to Mobile IPv4, such as reroute optimization, protocol extensions and IP Security (IPSec). One problem still remains; the handover time is relatively long. This is a big problem at least in real-time connections. This paper presents a new method(More)
The minimization of downstream handover delay in Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) has been the target of many researchers. However, the handover delay in the upstream traffic has not been considered equally important. But for example, in Voice over IP (VoIP) or in Video Conference both traffic directions are of equal importance. In this paper we propose the use of a(More)
This paper presents an approach to using semantic web services in managing production processes. In particular, the devices in the production systems considered expose web service interfaces through which they can then be controlled, while semantic web service descriptions formulated in web ontology language for services (OWL-S) make it possible to(More)
Traditionally, the application of services can be attributed to so-called office automation. While opening new horizons in software development life cycle, web services have gained increased attention in other domains as well, including the domain of factory automation (software development for factory automation). Coming from pure software to the physical(More)
Software agents controlling production devices must maintain an up-to-date view of the physical world state in order to efficiently reason and plan their actions. Especially in a factory automation system, the world state undergoes rapid evolution, and the world view must remain synchronized with the changes. This paper discusses two approaches to updating(More)
Cyber-physical systems combine data processing and physical interaction. Therefore, security in cyber-physical systems involves more than traditional information security. This paper surveys recent research on security in cloud-based cyber-physical systems. In addition, this paper especially analyzes the security issues in modern production devices and(More)