Juha Pohjola

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What the genetic and family dynamic theory have in common, is that the cause of schizophrenia could be found in the family. Usually the genetic factors and the rearing factors are confounded in the same family. In a study of adoptive children given away for adoption early enough, discrimination between these two sets of factors is possible. A nation-wide(More)
A nationwide Finnish sample of schizophrenic mothers' offspring given up for adoption was compared blindly with matched controls (i.e., adopted-away offspring of nonschizophrenic biological parents). The offspring were born 1927-79. To date, a total of 247 adoptive families (112 index and 135 controls) have been investigated and rated. Of the 10 psychotic(More)
Syndecans are a family of integral membrane proteoglycans that participate in cell-matrix interactions and growth factor binding. Syndecan-1 expression is induced during keratinocyte differentiation and reduced in squamous cell carcinomas. The purpose of this study was to examine the alteration in syndecan-1 expression in dysplastic oral epithelium.(More)
I-125 seeds were permanently implanted into 25 parasellar-clival meningiomas (median age of patients, 56 y) and 19 globoid meningiomas in the elderly (median age of patients, 77 y) using stereotactic technique and 3-D dose planning. Total dose at the tumour margin was increased during the series from 100 Gy to 150 Gy. The procedure caused no mortality and(More)
Anterior cervical decompression and fusion (ACDF) may necessitate acute and late re-operations. Published long-term follow studies after ACDF are scarce. Our goal was to give a detailed description of early and late re-operations after ACDF in an 11-year follow-up. We retrospectively analyzed all available clinical data, including radiographic imaging for(More)
A nationwide Finnish sample of schizophrenic mothers' offspring given up for adoption has been compared blindly with matched controls; i.e., adopted-away offspring of non-schizophrenic biologic parents. The families have been investigated thoroughly by joint and individual interviews and psychological tests. In the 91 pairs where both the index and control(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies have described encouraging outcomes after cervical total disc replacement (cTDR), but there are also critical debates regarding the long-term effects of heterotopic ossification (HO) and the prevalence of adjacent-level degeneration. The aim in this paper was to provide 4-year clinical and radiographic outcome results on the activ C(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the role of alcohol in downhill skiing injuries. DESIGN Comparison of alcohol consumption habits and blood alcohol concentrations of injured skiers to those of randomly selected controls. MATERIALS AND METHODS 121 injured skiers and 701 control subjects were interviewed and gave breath samples for the determination of blood alcohol(More)