Juha-Matti Vanhatupa

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Game engines are the most important tools in modern game development. We have developed a novel game engine CAGE and used it in a game programming course for three years. The CAGE game engine was developed in summer 2008 in Tampere University of Technology. It has been developed iteratively since then. In this paper, we describe lessons learned from the(More)
Computer role-playing games (CRPGs) are a genre of games that aims at providing similar gaming experience as paper and pen role-playing games. Personalized player experience is one main factor when capturing and maintaining interest of the player. However the player experience of modern CRPGs is usually poorly personalized. In particular, CRPGs use static(More)
Embedded systems have been an important part of daily human life for a long time. However, in academic education the subject is somewhat new and to some extent undefined. Most courses focus on hardware aspects of embedded systems, and at the same time there is a lack of embedded programming courses. In this paper, we describe our experiences of organizing,(More)
Modern mobile application development is a fast reacting business. One success factor is the ability to be able to add new features rapidly into a product. This can be enabled by a process model designed to support it, and the use of a flexible architecture. Plug-in architecture is one approach to create a flexible architecture, because it enables adding(More)
Embedded programs are controlling a number of devices we use daily. The software of an embedded device is usually tightly coupled with the device hardware, and therefore developing embedded programs is fundamentally different from programming general-purpose computers. In academic education both hardware and software aspects of embedded systems need to be(More)
Games played directly inside the web browser have many benefits. Browser games do not need software installation. Furthermore since the web has become the ultimate collaboration environment, the games are available for numerous players that can play in collaborative fashion. Through history online communities have birth alongside with browser games.(More)
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