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ISO 9241-11 and ISO 13407 are two important standards related to usability: the former one provides the definition of usability and the latter one guidance for designing usability. We carried out an interpretative analysis of ISO 13407 from the viewpoint of the standard definition of usability from ISO 9241-11. The results show that ISO 13407 provides only(More)
Accidental triggering of unwanted interaction when using a handheld touch screen device is a problem for many users. Accidental touches on capacitive touch screen based mobile telephones were analyzed in a user test. Patterns that are characteristic of unintentional touches were identified. Layout guidelines to reduce the amount of unintentional touches are(More)
The objective of the IPTES (In-cremental Prototyping Technology for Embedded Real-Time Systems) project is to develop methodolo-gies, tools and theoretical results on distributed prototyping for real-time systems. IPTES is partially funded by the European Communities under the ESPRIT programme, project nos. EP5570 and EP7811. Abstract Full methodological(More)
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