Juha Linnekoski

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Clostridium spp. produce n-butanol in the acetone/butanol/ethanol process. For sustainable industrial scale butanol production, a number of obstacles need to be addressed including choice of feedstock, the low product yield, toxicity to production strain, multiple-end products and downstream processing of alcohol mixtures. This review describes the use of(More)
The activity of a commercial NiMo hydrotreating catalyst was investigated to convert distilled tall oil (DTO), a byproduct of the pulp and paper industry, into feedstocks for the production of base chemicals with reduced oxygen content. The experiments were conducted in a fixed bed continuous flow reactor covering a wide temperature range (325−450 °C).(More)
Bio-based fuels are becoming more and more important due to the depleting fossil resources. The production of biodiesel from algae oil is challenging compared to terrestrial vegetable oils, as algae oil consists of polar fatty acids, such as phospholipids and glycolipids, as well as non-polar triglycerides and free fatty acids common in vegetable oils. It(More)
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