Juha Hakala

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The Internet has often been described as a library. The people who do so are usually not familiar with what the libraries really are. The real state of the affairs was described by Clifford Lynch in his seminal article "Searching the Internet" The Internet-and particularly its collection of multimedia resources known as the World Wide Web-was not designed(More)
In order to continuously map desired tool center point (TCP) movements onto the corresponding set of joint angles for a 6{DOF robot arm without the need for repeated calculation of the inverse Jacobian we present an adaptive neural network with the following features: topographical encoding of the input for smooth interpolation and fast adaptation(More)
The local inverse kinematics of redundant robots requires a mapping of a desired tool center point (TCP) movement onto the corresponding set of joint angle movements. This mapping can be achieved by using a locally linear 1{layer perceptron with position dependent weights, and a separate network to incorporate the position{dependence. In order to optimize(More)
A NISO Recommended Practice is a recommended "best practice" or "guideline" for methods, materials, or practices in order to give guidance to the user. Such documents usually represent a leading edge, exceptional model, or proven industry practice. All elements of Recommended Practices are discretionary and may be used as stated or modified by the user to(More)