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With network coding, intermediate nodes are allowed to perform processing operations on the incoming packets, rather than only forwarding them. The benefits of network coding have been proved to improve the performance of many peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, such as media streaming and content distribution. In this paper, we overview the basic principles(More)
This paper, based on Altera Cyclone II FPGA, introduces a programmable sequence controller design scheme with a feature of multichannel (16 in this paper) and high-precision waveform output. The controller's output mode (single pulse and PWM pulse) and various parameters such as delay and duty cycle etc of each output pulse are independently adjustable, and(More)
Liquid scintillation technique was developed from the early fifties as an effective way to measure the low energy radiation. It can detect more than half of the periodic table of elements. And it is widely used in industry, agriculture, biology, chemistry, medicine, geology, hydrology, archeology, environmental protection and other fields. When measuring on(More)
Embedded gateway and embedded firewall are implemented in network measurement and monitoring system more and more due to the explosive growth of Internet, and so the requirement of packet capture and analysis in embedded system has become popularity. In this paper, we introduce and compare the methods of packet capture on Windows CE, and adopt the NDIS(More)
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