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A novel saturable absorber (SA) was fabricated by coating the topological insulator (TI) film on microfiber using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. The TISA device had an insertion loss of ~1.25 dB, a saturable intensity of 26.7 MW/cm(2), a modulation depth of ~5.7%, and a nonsaturable loss of 20.5%. Upon employing this SA device, we established a(More)
We present simulation results for supercontinuum generation using tapered As 2 S 3 chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). We demonstrate that an increased soliton self-frequency shift can be achieved using a tapered PCF. There is an optimal tapered PCF, which yields an additional 0:4 mm shift to longer wavelengths relative to the shift that is(More)
Multiphoton absorption (MPA) effects have become useful for real applications as well as conceptual predictions. However, most of organic molecules exhibit small Stokes shift and reduced MPA in the highly polar solvents, which may seriously hinder their related applications. In this work, one styrylpyridinium salt has been synthesized, which exhibits(More)
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