Jugoslav B Krstić

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The new type of catalyst for fatty acid methyl esters (FAME or biodiesel) synthesis with K(2)CO(3) as active component on alumina/silica support was synthesized using sol-gel method. Corresponding catalyst (xerogel) was prepared by 12h drying the wet gel in air at 300 degrees C, 600 degrees C or 1000 degrees C at atmospheric pressure. The catalysts activity(More)
Spectroscopic (UV/visible and IR) and theoretical studies were used to assess relevant interaction of fisetin, a tetrahydroxylated flavone molecule, and trivalent aluminium in a wide range of buffered aqueous solutions. The chelation sites, stoichiometry, stability and the dependence of the complexes structures on pH and aluminium/fisetin mole ratios were(More)
Inorganic modification of diatomite was performed with the precipitation product of partially neutralized aluminum sulfate solution at three different mass ratios. The starting and the modified diatomites were characterized by SEM-EDS, FTIR, thermal analysis and zeta potential measurements and evaluated for drug loading capacity in adsorption batch(More)
In this study, catalysts for fatty acid methyl esters (FAME or biodiesel) synthesis with K2CO3 as the active component on an alumina/silica support were synthesized using the sol–gel method, which was followed by drying the “dense” wet gels with supercritical carbon dioxide to obtain the aerogels. The prepared catalysts were characterized by XRD analysis,(More)
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