Juggapong Natwichai

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In this paper, we propose a method of hiding sensitive classification rules from data mining algorithms for categorical datasets. Our approach is to reconstruct a dataset according to the classification rules that have been checked and agreed by the data owner for releasing to data sharing. Unlike the other heuristic modification approaches, firstly, our(More)
Data-duplication is one of the most important issues in the context of information system management. Instead of storing a single real-world object as an entity in an information system, the duplication, storing more than one entity representing a single object, can be occurred. This problem can decrease the quality of service of information systems. In(More)
Data sharing between two organizations is common in many application areas e.g. business planing or marketing. Useful global patterns can be discovered from the integrated dataset. However, some sensitive patterns that should have been kept private could also be discovered. In general, disclosure of sensitive patterns could decrease the competitive ability(More)
Privacy preserving has become an essential process for any data mining task. Therefore, data transformation to ensure privacy preservation is needed. In this paper, we address a problem of privacy preserving on an incremental-data scenario in which the data need to be transformed are not static, but appended all the time. Our work is based on a well-known(More)
This paper describes the development of a remote monitoring system for ECG signals. The system provides remote monitoring of several patients wearing a portable device equipped with ZigBee/IEEE RF module connective based on wireless sensor networks. We have designed to record on-line database, server computer used to analyze ECG signals and detect serious(More)
The development of distributed systems has been accelerated in this recent years through the development of P2P, grid, and cloud computing. Nevertheless, job scheduling is still a major challenge for distributed system design and implementation. Such issue can be more complex when dealing with workflow-based composite jobs, i.e. each job has multiple tasks(More)