Jugantor Chetia

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Emerging embedded applications are based on evolving standards (e.g., MPEG2/4, H.264/265, IEEE802.11a/b/g/n). Since most of these applications run on handheld devices, there is an increasing need for a single chip solution that can dynamically interoperate between different standards and their derivatives. In order to achieve high resource utilization and(More)
In this paper we explore an implementation of a high-throughput, streaming application on REDEFINE-v2, which is an enhancement of REDEFINE. REDEFINE is a polymorphic ASIC combining the flexibility of a programmable solution with the execution speed of an ASIC. In REDEFINE Compute Elements are arranged in an 8x8 grid connected via a Network on Chip (NoC)(More)
REDEFINE [3] is a polymorphic ASIC, in which arbitrary computational structures on hardware are defined at runtime. The REDEFINE execution fabric comprises Compute Elements (CEs) interconnected by a Honeycomb network, which also serves as the distributed Network-on-chip. Each computational structure is dynamically assigned to a subset of the CEs on the(More)
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