Jugal K. Kalita

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Due to the sheer volume of text generated by a micro log site like Twitter, it is often difficult to fully understand what is being said about various topics. In an attempt to understand micro logs better, this paper compares algorithms for extractive summarization of micro log posts. We present two algorithms that produce summaries by selecting several(More)
Network anomaly detection is an important and dynamic research area. Many network intrusion detection methods and systems (NIDS) have been proposed in the literature. In this paper, we provide a structured and comprehensive overview of various facets of network anomaly detection so that a researcher can become quickly familiar with every aspect of network(More)
As social media continues to grow, the zeitgeist of society is increasingly found not in the headlines of traditional media institutions, but in the activity of ordinary individuals. The identification of trending topics utilizes social media (such as Twitter) to provide an overview of the topics and issues that are currently popular within the online(More)
This paper presents algorithms for summarizing microblog posts. In particular, our algorithms process collections of short posts on specific topics on the well-known site called Twitter and create short summaries from these collections of posts on a specific topic. The goal is to produce summaries that are similar to what a human would produce for the same(More)
We address the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of summarization techniques for the task of document categorization. It is argued that for a large class of automatic categorization algorithms, extraction-based document categorization can be viewed as a particular form of feature selection performed on the full text of the document and, in this(More)
MOTIVATION As biological inquiry produces ever more network data, such as protein-protein interaction networks, gene regulatory networks and metabolic networks, many algorithms have been proposed for the purpose of pairwise network alignment-finding a mapping from the nodes of one network to the nodes of another in such a way that the mapped nodes can be(More)
Scanning of ports on a computer occurs frequently on the Internet. An attacker performs port scans of IP addresses to find vulnerable hosts to compromise. However, it is also useful for system administrators and other network defenders to detect port scans as possible preliminaries to more serious attacks. It is a very difficult task to recognize instances(More)
Feature selection is used to choose a subset of relevant features for effective classification of data. In high dimensional data classification, the performance of a classifier often depends on the feature subset used for classification. In this paper, we introduce a greedy feature selection method using mutual information. This method combines both(More)