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Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is regarded as critical to the physiological kinematics of the femoral-tibial joint, its disruption eventually causing long-term functional impairment. Both the initial trauma and the pathologic motion pattern of the injured knee may result in primary degenerative lesions of the secondary stabilisers of the(More)
This study investigates differences in the anatomy of male and female knee joints to contribute to the current debate on sex-specific total knee implants. Morphometric data were obtained from 60 human cadaver knees, and sex differences were calculated. All data were corrected for height, and male and female specimens presenting with an identical length of(More)
PURPOSE To detect the variable relationship between sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle and make surgeons aware of certain anatomical features of each variation that may be useful for the surgical treatment of the piriformis syndrome. METHODS The gluteal region of 147 Caucasian cadavers (294 limbs) was dissected. The anatomical relationship between the(More)
Purpose. The relatively new and less-invasive therapeutic alternative "interspinous process decompression device (IPD)" is expected to result in improved symptoms of neurogenic intermittent claudication (NIC) caused by lumbar spinal stenosis. The aim of the study was to analyze IPD position particularly regarding damage originating from surgical(More)
During the last years imaging techniques have rapidly developed in anatomy since they were included in the study of the human body. Normal patterns have been revisited and lately, in the era of evidence-based medicine, anatomy has shifted towards evidence-based morphology. Endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques require a different view and a better(More)
INTRODUCTION The human hand is a complex anatomic entity consisting of many muscles, nerves, and vessels, thus providing a special ability to perform accurate and meticulous movements. In this group of muscles are the four dorsal interosseous muscles. CASE PRESENTATION A distinct supernumerary fourth dorsal interosseous muscle was found in the right hand(More)
OBJECT The pullout resistance of double-screw fixation systems in anterior spine surgery has been shown to be dependent on screw length as well as on screw angulation. The objective of the study was to evaluate the pullout strength of anterior double-screw systems with different angulations. METHODS The authors conducted a comparative pullout test of(More)
The functional influence of the medial collateral ligament on the medial meniscus is still discussed controversially. Commonly, a strong fixation of the meniscus by the collateral ligament is described. Injury to the medial meniscus is explained by its reduced mobility due to its strong adherence to the medial collateral ligament. The analysis of 10(More)
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