Juergen Jopp

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The wetting behavior of water droplets on periodically structured hydrophobic surfaces was investigated. The effect of structure geometry, roughness, and relative pore fraction on the contact angles was investigated experimentally for droplets of size comparable to the size of the structures. It was found that surface geometry may induce a transition from(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements were employed to assess polymer-surface interfacial interaction strength. The main feature of the measurement is the use of contact-mode AFM as a tool to scratch off the polymer monolayer adsorbed on the solid surface. Tapping-mode AFM was used to determine the depth of the scraped recess. Independent determination(More)
Providing the right stimulatory conditions resulting in efficient tissue promoting microenvironment in vitro and in vivo is one of the ultimate goals in tissue development for regenerative medicine. It has been shown that in addition to molecular signals (e.g. growth factors) physical cues are also required for generation of functional cell constructs.(More)
Elucidating the dynamic properties of membranes is important for understanding fundamental cellular processes and for shedding light on the interactions of proteins, drugs, and viruses with the cell surface. Dynamic studies of lipid bilayers have been constrained, however, by the relatively small number of pertinent molecular probes and the limited(More)
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