Juergen Caro

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A zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-8) as member of the metal-organic framework family has been crystallized as a thin porous layer on an asymmetric ceramic support. Hydrogen can be selected from other gases by molecular sieving.
Easy come, easy go? Transport resistances on particle surfaces are important for mass transfer in nanoporous materials and bulk diffusion in crystals. Interference microscopy and IR micro-imaging are shown to be excellent tools for determining such transport resistances. By studying short-chain-length alkane guest molecules in crystals of the metal-organic(More)
The latest developments in zeolite membranes are reviewed, with an emphasis on the synthesis techniques, including seed assembly and secondary growth methods. This review also discusses the current industrial applications of zeolite membranes, the feasibility of their use in membrane reactors and their hydrothermal stability. Finally, zeolite membranes are(More)
Diffusion is known to be quantified by measuring the rate of molecular fluxes in the direction of falling concentration. In contrast with intuition, considering methanol diffusion in a novel type of nanoporous material (MOF ZIF-8), this rate has now been found to be enhanced rather than slowed down by an opposing flux of labeled molecules. In terms of the(More)
Inspired by the bioadhesive ability of the marine mussel, a simple, versatile, and powerful synthesis strategy was developed to prepare highly reproducible and permselective molecular sieve membranes by using polydopamine as a novel covalent linker. Attributing to the formation of strong covalent and noncovalent bonds, ZIF-8 nutrients are attracted and(More)
A novel covalent functionalization strategy was developed to prepare reproducible ZIF-90 molecular sieve membranes by using 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane as a covalent linker between the ZIF-90 layer and Al(2)O(3) support via imines condensation. The ZIF-90 membranes show high thermal and hydrothermal stabilities, and they allow the separation of hydrogen(More)