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Although many of the prominent symptoms of minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) subside during pubescence, adolescents who had MBD during childhood may have persistent neuropsychological dysfunctions. The authors studied the auditory average cortical evoked potentials and behavioral responses of 9 formerly hyperactive adolescent boys and 9 matched control(More)
A screening of 3196 semen analyses performed in our clinic from January 1986 to December 1990 revealed 314 (9.8%) patients whose semen was infected with Bacteroides ureolyticus. Investigating the relationship between the presence of B. ureolyticus, the seminal microflora and the conventional semen parameters, we observed that the presence of this(More)
Monkeys had nonpolarizable electrodes implanted bilaterally in prefrontal (principal sulcus), precentral, and occipital cortex. They were trained on a spatial delayed-response (DR) task (8-sec intratrial delay), while cortical potentials were recorded. Three groups of monkeys were trained to 90% criterion: (A) 4 monkeys with only the right hand (the left(More)