Juerg Girard

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BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to compare the adrenal response, the course of the ACTH/cortisol ratio, as well as the variance and the diagnostic performance of different cutoffs after 1 and 250 microg ACTH stimulation in different stress situations. METHODS We investigated three groups with increasing stress levels: ambulatory controls (group A; n =(More)
Testicular biopsies from 29 infants with cryptorchidism between birth (gestational age as early as 36 weeks) and 9 months of age were compared to 34 biopsies from the testes of boys at postmortem examination, or during operation for a hydrocele or hernia. The total number of germ cells was similar in both groups but normal testes showed a transformation of(More)
60 cryptorchid boys (39 unilateral and 21 bilateral) aged between 10 months and 14 years were treated by conservative methods. All boys received an initial therapy of 200 micrograms GnRH nasal spray (decapeptide) in each nostril three times daily for 4 weeks. Those who did not respond favorably to the GnRH treatment immediately received a follow-up therapy(More)
Cryptorchidism was induced experimentally by treating pregnant mice on the 14th day of pregnancy with 5 mg estrogen. Testes from cryptorchid and control newborn and adult mice were investigated with radioimmunoassay and electron microscopy. It was concluded that a normal Leydig cell function plays a decisive role in testicular descent. In cryptorchidism,(More)
62 cryptorchid boys aged 2-6 years were selected at random either for surgical or for hormonal LH-RH treatment. As all biopsies from boys operated show typical histological and ultrastructural signs of cryptorchidism, it can be concluded that only true cryptorchid patients are included in our study. LH-RH treatment was successful in 16 (55%) of 31 boys.(More)
CONTEXT The specific form of hypogonadism in Prader-Labhart-Willi syndrome (PWS), central or peripheral, remains unexplained. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to investigate the cause of hypogonadism in PWS and determine whether human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) treatment can restore pubertal development. DESIGN This was a clinical(More)
Mercuric chloride induces in the Brown-Norway rat a biphasic autoimmune disease characterized initially by linear IgG deposits along the glomerular basement membrane followed later by granular IgG deposition. In the present study, anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies and immune complex-like material were sequentially assessed in serial serum(More)
The effect of two isocaloric evening meals (low protein-high fat vs. high protein-low fat content) on plasma glucose regulation during the night were compared. Eight C-peptide-deficient type-I diabetic subjects without autonomic neuropathy were treated with fixed doses of continuous infusions of insulin during 2 nights. At 7 p.m. they received in random(More)
PURPOSE Subclinical hypothyroidism is found in about 7.5% of females and in about 3% of males. It appears to be a risk factor for atherosclerosis and for coronary heart disease and can affect various other target organs. The morbidity and clinical significance of subclinical hypothyroidism are controversial. Therefore, we evaluated the metabolic impact of(More)