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BACKGROUND Current clinical practices used to functionally classify heart failure (HF) are time-consuming, expensive, or require complex calculations. This study aimed to design an inquiry list from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that could be used in routine clinical practice to resolve these problems. METHODS The severity of(More)
How to evaluate an appropriate correlation with fuzzy data is an important topic in the educational and psychological measurement. Especially when the data illustrate uncertain, inconsistent and incomplete type, fuzzy statistical method has some promising features that help resolving the unclear thinking in human logic and recognition. Traditionally, we use(More)
We design a solid phantom with painted tongue body as a simulation of human tongue and analyze the average color distance of the phantom images to evaluate the repeatability and reproducibility of this instrument. The color difference is applied as a tolerance of Precision-to-Tolerance ratio (P/T) in QS9000. The P/T ratio of total measurement is used to(More)
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