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IKONOS imagery has been used in many commercial, government, and research applications ranging from environment monitoring, to coastal change detection, and to national security. The high costs of IKONOS high end products ~Pro and Precision products! make it extremely attractive to find practical methods that use lower-cost IKONOS Geo products to produce(More)
In the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission, the twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, carry identical Athena instrument payloads and engineering cameras for exploration of the Gusev Crater and Meridiani Planum landing sites. This paper presents the photogrammetric processing techniques for high accuracy topographic mapping and rover localization at the(More)
This paper introduces the concept and design of a new integrated approach to long-range autonomous Mars rover localization based on the incremental bundle adjustment and visual odometry technologies that have been individually experimented with during the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission. The design result indicates that a rover would have a varying(More)
The latest generation of high-resolution commercial imaging satellites, such as IKONOS and QuickBird, has opened a new era of earth observation and digital mapping. This paper presents the geometric modeling principles and photogrammetric processing methods involved in high-precision mapping using stereo IKONOS and QuickBird images. First, the imaging(More)
This paper presents an image network-based technology designed for long-range onboard rover localization. This integrated overhead and ground image network provides a global geometric configuration. Incorporation of this image network with our unique incremental bundle adjustment and visual odometry methodologies ensures optimal localization accuracy over(More)
Shoreline mapping and shoreline change detection are critical for safe navigation, coastal resource management, coastal environmental protection, and sustainable coastal development and planning. This paper reports the results of IKONOS geopositioning accuracy improvement, showing that a 1-2 meter accuracy can be achieved from 1mresolution IKONOS Geo stereo(More)
This paper presents the technology of mapping and rover localization at the two landing sites, Gusev and Meridiani, for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. The rover localization and landing site mapping technology is based on the incremental bundle adjustment of an image network formed by Pancam, and Navcam stereo images. The developed(More)
Shoreline mapping and shoreline change detection are critical in many coastal zone applications. This paper presents results of the semi-automatic mapping of a coastal area of Lake Erie using 4-meter resolution multispectral (XS) and 1-meter resolution panchromatic (Pan) IKONOS Geo stereo images. An overview of the geometric processing of IKONOS imagery is(More)
QuickBird satellite imagery, provided by DigitalGlobe Inc., has the highest resolution, among the satellite imaging systems that are commercially available. The QuickBird imaging system simultaneously collects 67-72 centimeter resolution stereo panchromatic and 2.44-2.88 meter resolution multispectral images. In this research, a QuickBird stereo pair of(More)