Judy Y. Hu

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The purpose of this study is to quantify the effects of coping resources on the amount (hours) of help used by disabled elderly persons in their home. The findings are based on the 1989 National Long-Term Care Survey. The distribution of help-hours is very skewed, mirroring the skewness of limitations in physical and cognitive functioning. Controlling for(More)
BACKGROUND This study advances the use of a utility model to model physician-patient interactions from the perspectives of physicians and patients. PRESENTATION OF THE HYPOTHESIS In cases involving acute care, patient counseling involves a relatively straightforward transfer of information from the physician to a patient. The patient has less information(More)
This annotated bibliography is a complement to a set of course notes for CS 279, System Support for Scientific Computation, taught in Spring 2001 by W. Kahan at UC Berkeley. It is meant to be representative, not comprehensive, and includes pointers to survey works and online bibliographies which cover the literature in various areas in more depth. In the(More)
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