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  • J Wallen
  • Journal of substance abuse treatment
  • 1992
To assess the extent to which women appear to have special treatment needs, this paper compares male and female patients receiving inpatient substance abuse treatment. The author analyzed completed intake interview forms from the files of all clients entering two private, nonprofit inpatient substance abuse treatment facilities during an 8-month period in(More)
A diverse ethnic context and an increasing immigrant youth population will soon become the reality across the entire U.S. demographic landscape. Research has suggested that a multicultural context positively influences ethnic minority and immigrant youth by fostering ethnic identity and psychosocial development. However, it is unknown whether and how(More)
In this study of 329 Cambodian, Chinese, Laotian/Mien, and Vietnamese youth in Oakland, California, acculturation factors of individualism-collectivism and acculturative dissonance were examined as risk and protective factors for substance use. Results of structural equation modeling and bootstrapping revealed that peer substance use was a robust mediator(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to compare the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a clinical sample of sexually abused children referred for outpatient evaluation. Two a priori hypotheses were tested: (1) the sexually abused group would have more post-traumatic stress disorder than the non-sexually abused group and (2) non-sexually abused children(More)
Background There is a paucity of research addressing victimization among Asian and Southeast Asian youth. Methods A community-based sample of 329 Chinese, Cambodian, Lao/Mien, and Vietnamese youth were interviewed in a face-to-face format. Non-familial physical and emotional victimization were explored in relation to risk factors. Results Results revealed(More)
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