Judy Thomas

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To test whether MHC alleles associated with common variable immune deficiency (CVID) might also be over-represented in patients with normal serum immunoglobulin levels who suffer with recurrent sinopulmonary infections (RESPI), we identified 62 consecutive RESPI patients and compared their HLA-B and HLA-DR antigen frequencies to those of 60 consecutive(More)
The synthesis and photophysical characterization of a series of (N,C(2')-(2-para-tolylpyridyl))2 Ir(LL') [(tpy)2 Ir(LL')] (LL' = 2,4-pentanedionato (acac), bis(pyrazolyl)borate ligands and their analogues, diphosphine chelates and tert-butylisocyanide (CN-t-Bu)) are reported. A smaller series of [(dfppy)2 Ir(LL')] (dfppy =(More)
A series of divalent, monovalent, and zerovalent nickel complexes supported by the electron-releasing, monoanionic tris(phosphino)borate ligands [PhBP3] and [PhBPiPr3] ([PhBP3] = [PhB(CH2PPh2)3]-, [PhBPiPr3] = [PhB(CH2PiPr2)3]-) have been synthesized to explore fundamental aspects of their coordination chemistry. The pseudotetrahedral, divalent halide(More)
The reaction of dimethyldiaryltin reagents Me(2)SnR(2) (R = Ph (1), p-MePh (2), m,m-Me(2)Ph (3), p-(t)BuPh (4), p-MeOPh (5), p-CF(3)Ph (6)) with BCl(3) provided a high-yielding, simple preparative route to the corresponding diarylchloroboranes R(2)BCl (R = Ph (10), p-MePh (11), m,m-Me(2)Ph (12), p-(t)BuPh (13), p-MeOPh (14), p-CF(3)Ph (15)). In some cases,(More)
Structurally similar but charge-differentiated platinum complexes have been prepared using the bidentate phosphine ligands [Ph(2)B(CH(2)PPh(2))(2)], ([Ph(2)BP(2)], [1]), Ph(2)Si(CH(2)PPh(2))(2), (Ph(2)SiP(2), 2), and H(2)C(CH(2)PPh(2))(2), (dppp, 3). The relative electronic impact of each ligand with respect to a coordinated metal center's electron-richness(More)
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