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In larvae of the hawkmoth, Manduca sexta, accessory planta retractor (APR) motoneurons undergo a segment-specific pattern of programmed cell death at pupation. APR death is triggered hormonally by the prepupal peak of the ecdysteroid, 20-hydroxyecdysone (20-HE). Previous studies found no evidence that cellular interactions regulate the segmental pattern of(More)
While several recent reports have described the toxicity of water-soluble C60 fullerene nanoparticles, none have reported the toxicity resulting from the inhalation exposures to C60 fullerene nanoparticles or microparticles. To address this knowledge gap, we exposed male rats to C60 fullerene nanoparticles (2.22 mg/m3, 55 nm diameter) and microparticles(More)
This review summarizes our current understanding of the neural circuit underlying the larval proleg withdrawal reflex (PWR) of Manduca sexta and describes how PWR function changes in two contexts: metamorphosis and learning. The first form of PWR plasticity occurs during the larval-pupal transformation, when the reflex is lost. One mechanism that(More)
Oxygen (O(2)) is life essential but as a drug has a maximum positive biological benefit and accompanying toxicity effects. Oxygen is therapeutic for treatment of hypoxemia and hypoxia associated with many pathological processes. Pathophysiological processes are associated with increased levels of hyperoxia-induced reactive O(2) species (ROS) which may(More)
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