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Glial growth factors, proteins that are mitogenic for Schwann cells, and several ligands for the p185erbB2 receptor, are products of the same gene. Alternative splicing of the messenger RNA generates an array of putative membrane-attached, intracellular and secreted signalling proteins, at least some of which are expressed in the developing spinal cord and(More)
Certain tissues such as cartilage are resistant to vascular invasion, yet no single tissue-derived molecule that can inhibit angiogenesis has been reported. A protein derived from cartilage was purified that inhibits angiogenesis in vivo and capillary endothelial cell proliferation and migration in vitro in three separate bioassays. This protein is also an(More)
Microarray profiling was used to investigate gene expression in the hypoxic seizure model of acquired epilepsy in the rat, with the aim of characterizing functional pathways which are persistently activated or repressed during epileptogenesis. Hippocampal and cortical tissues were transcriptionally profiled over a one week period following an initial series(More)
An inhibitor of neovascularization from the conditioned media of scapular chondrocytes established and maintained in serum-free culture has been isolated and characterized. To determine whether this chondrocyte-derived inhibitor (ChDI) was capable of inhibiting neovascularization in vivo, this protein was assayed in the chick chorioallantoic membrane assay.(More)
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