Judy S. Paps

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In humans, congenital and hereditary skin diseases associated with epidermal cell-cell separation (acantholysis) are very rare, and spontaneous animal models of these diseases are exceptional. Our objectives are to report a novel congenital acantholytic dermatosis that developed in Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs. Nine affected puppies in four different(More)
As there is evidence for an anti-inflammatory efficacy of histamine H(4) receptor (H4R) selective antagonists, we aimed at testing the efficacy of the H4R antagonists JNJ7777120 and JNJ28307474 in comparison with histamine H(1) receptor (H1R) antagonists hydroxyzine and cetirizine for skin lesion prevention in a canine model of acute atopic dermatitis. Six(More)
In humans with atopic dermatitis and in mouse models of IgE-mediated allergic diseases, evidence is mounting that the stratum corneum (SC) provides an important barrier against environmental allergens. At this time, it is not known whether the SC has a similar role in dogs, especially in those with atopic dermatitis. The objectives of this pilot study were(More)
BACKGROUND Diluted sodium hypochlorite represents an inexpensive and widely available topical antiseptic, but there are no tolerability and efficacy data in veterinary dermatology. OBJECTIVES To determine the in vivo antibacterial effect and tolerability of topical diluted bleach application and to assess its in vitro effect on skin barrier lipids and(More)
BACKGROUND Ceramides are essential stratum corneum (SC) lipids and they play a pivotal role in maintaining effective cutaneous barrier function. OBJECTIVES The present study aimed at determining the effect of a Dermatophagoides farinae house dust mite (Df-HDM) allergen challenge on SC ceramides of atopic dogs experimentally sensitized to these allergens.(More)
BACKGROUND Patch tests with allergens are used for the evaluation of cellular hypersensitivity to food and environmental allergens in dogs and humans with atopic dermatitis. Viaskin is a novel allergen epicutaneous delivery system that enhances epidermal allergen capture by immune cells. OBJECTIVES To compare the use of Viaskin and Finn chamber patch(More)
BACKGROUND Allergen immunotherapy is currently the only intervention proposed to specifically prevent clinical flares after allergen challenges. The low molecular weight Der f 2 (Df2) is a major allergen in Japanese dogs sensitized to Dermatophagoides farinae house dust mites. OBJECTIVES Pilot, blinded, placebo-controlled experiment testing the efficacy(More)
The inhibitory effect of 0.0584% hydrocortisone aceponate spray on immediate- and late-phase skin reactions and the duration of inhibition after medication withdrawal were studied in 10 Maltese-beagle atopic dogs. All subjects were sprayed on axillary and inguinal regions and on one randomly chosen side of the thorax once daily for 14 (phase 1) or 7 days(More)