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Rectangles haveing different ratios between the lengths of their sides were presented in three different ranges: with the golden section either (a) the next to most elongated rectangle, (b) the middle rectangle, or (c) the next to shortest rectangle. Each of 90 subjects had to pick the rectangles they liked best from all three ranges. This basic procedure(More)
Seven rectangles with different ratios of the lengths of their sides but of approximately equal areas were presented to 120 subjects to asses their aesthetic preferences for each rectangle. The method of pair comparisons was used for presentation of the rectangles. Subjects tended to prefer the golden rectangle. Also rectangles in the vicinity of the golden(More)
Five Projects in Pattern Formation, Fluid Dynamics and Computational Neuroscience Alexander Roxin This dissertation is a compilation of five projects, which span the fields of pattern formation, fluid dynamics and computational neuroscience. The first two chapters deal with spatio-temporal patterns that may arise in various spatially extended systems driven(More)
We describe how market-oriented and governmental reforms were shaping students' career choice and outlook toward future clinical practice during the 1993-1994 academic year. A random sample of a third of University of Washington, Seattle, medical students (n = 212) was surveyed regarding attitudes toward health care reform, specialty choice, and future(More)
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