Judy P. Bolstad

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this evaluation was to examine prenatal care providers' knowledge of, attitudes towards, and barriers for providing information about newborn screening and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) screening. STUDY DESIGN We mailed a 12-question survey to 6197 prenatal care providers in California asking about their experiences with(More)
Number of pages: 147 pages Thank you for downloading design and usability of digital libraries case studies in the asia pacific. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their favorite books like this design and usability of digital libraries case studies in the asia pacific, but end up in harmful downloads. Rather than enjoying a(More)
The title of this book humorously and truthfully defines how most librarians enter the profession of health sciences librarianship. Most librarians do not begin their careers with plans to specialize in the health sciences, nor are many of them aware that health sciences librarian-ship even exists. A well-written foreword by Jean P. Shipman, former(More)
Today, many types of libraries provide interlibrary loan (ILL) and document delivery services. With a developing increase in the need for these services, even libraries that typically have not provided them in the past have evolved to accommodate their users. Author Emily Knox states in the preface that " interlibrary loan and document delivery services are(More)
Today, the concept of government information brings to mind more than just law and politics. Governmental entities, for example, are responsible for developing and setting standards on basic needs like the air we breathe and water we drink. In this book, the authors state that their " … ardent belief is that greater knowledge of government resources can(More)
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