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In the history of astronomy, major advances in our understanding of the Universe frequently arise from dramatic improvements in our ability to accurately measure astronomical quantities. Aided by rapid progress in information technology, current sky surveys are changing the way we view and study the Universe. Next-generation surveys will maintain this(More)
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, now in the research and development phase, will undertake a wide angle, deep survey of the entire southern sky starting in 2014. The survey database will support a wide variety of astrophysical investigations, with particular emphasis on elucidating the nature of dark energy. To achieve its science goals, LSST will(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the impact of reconstruction Field of View on Radiomics features in computed tomography (CT) using a texture phantom. METHODS A rectangular Credence Cartridge Radiomics (CCR) phantom, composed of 10 different cartridges, was scanned on four different CT scanners from two manufacturers. A pre-defined scanning protocol was adopted for(More)
Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology Association canadienne des infirmières en oncologie TOOLKIT AcKnOwLedgemenT CANO\ACIO would like to thank the NSCA Standards and Competencies Evaluation Working Group for their outstanding dedication and commitment to this initiative. The following volunteers were essentiel in the development of this toolkit and(More)
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