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Intracellular accumulation of the protease inhibitors (PIs) saquinavir (SQV), ritonavir (RTV), and indinavir (IDV) was determined in 50 human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients. Following extraction, PIs were quantified by mass spectrometry. Paired plasma and intracellular samples were collected over a full dosing interval from patients (13 on SQV, 6(More)
The advantages of sodium hyaluronate (Healon) in filtering surgery have been mostly theoretical, with no study of sufficient numbers to justify its use. The authors used sodium hyaluronate in 119 consecutive trabeculectomies. These were compared to a control group of 122 cases. The long-term intraocular pressure and visual acuity results between the two(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of stopping treatment with protease inhibitors (PIs) on tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and TNF-receptor levels, and on the metabolic and morphological abnormalities seen in patients with lipodystrophy. DESIGN Longitudinal study. METHODS Ten HIV-positive patients with lipodystrophy (LD) were studied whilst on PIs(More)
BACKGROUND Immune function is highly dependent on nutritional status because the large mass and high rate of cellular turnover of the immune system make it a major user of nutrients. Furthermore, nutrient requirements may be increased during acute and chronic infections, including HIV-1 infection. OBJECTIVE The current study was designed to assess(More)
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