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1. Hollow heart of potatoes was found to arise in a necrotic patch of cells after this had become surrounded by a cambium layer. 2. Though the largest hollows usually occurred in the largest tubers, early stages were found in tubers weighing as little as 1.8 gms. 3. The hollow heart condition was observed in the earliest harvest examined (July 24); the(More)
Alkaloids washed from the seeds ofDatura stramonium inhibited the early gowth ofHelianthus annuus in Black Earth and Lateritic Podzolic soils. Under laboratory conditions, the magnitude of the inhibition was greater in the Lateritic Podzolic than the Black Earth soil. Phytotoxicity ofD. stramonium alkaloids persisted for 20 weeks in Lateritic Podzolic soil(More)
Cabbage leaves excised from a fully turgid plant wilt within 20 minutes to 2 hours (depending on plant age) with a loss of about 10% relative water content (RWC). If droughted for 2 to 4 days in a high relative humidity leaf chamber, they may acclimate, recovering their turgor without the absorption of water, in fact at a loss of 15 to 25% RWC. This turgor(More)
In the foregoing papers of this series (25, 26) we have given an account of our more intensive researches on the physiology of cold resistance, approached always through a study of living cells. We now describe a number of lesser excursions into the same field, and combine with this a survey of the whole problem of hardening in the light of those changes(More)
Recent reviews have denied the applicability of the classical theory of stomatal movement. The newer explanations are shown to be incorrect, and the major objections to the classical theory invalid. Nevertheless, the classical theory needs to be modified. If the decisive factor is assumed to be carboxylic acid (RCOOH) rather than CO2 concentration, all the(More)
The germination of kok-saghyz seed is a gradual process, the first seedlings pushing through in a few days, the rest appearing successively during a period of several weeks. Obviously, surface soil moisture must be maintained high throughout this period if a good stand is to be established, especially since the seeds are small and have to be sown very(More)
The synthesis of designer solid-state materials by living organisms is an emerging field in bio-nanotechnology. Key examples include the use of engineered viruses as templates for cobalt oxide (Co(3)O(4)) particles, superparamagnetic cobalt-platinum alloy nanowires and gold-cobalt oxide nanowires for photovoltaic and battery-related applications. Here, we(More)
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