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Khmer Kinship: The Matriliny/Matriarchy Myth
Many scholarly works have claimed that Khmer society was organized along matrilineal principles, sometimes conflated with the notion that Cambodia was matriarchal in some distant past time. ThisExpand
Dry-Season Flood-Recession Rice in the Mekong Delta: Two Thousand Years of Sustainable Agriculture?
THE MEKONG DELTA is famous as the hearth of one of the earliest civilizations in mainland Southeast Asia. Called "Funan" by visiting Chinese dignitaries, the lower Mekong Delta housed at least twoExpand
Secondary Migration Among Southeast Asian Refugees In The United States
Since the beginning of the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees to the United States in 1975, the movement of refugees away from their initial placement locality has become a concern forExpand
Results of the 1995-1996 Archaeological Field Investigations at Angkor Borei, Cambodia
ALTHOUGH ANCIENT STATES EMERGED in several parts of Southeast Asia (Bentley 1986; Coedes 1968; Higham 1989a, 1989b), few of the world's archaeologists look to Southeast Asia to study the developmentExpand
UN peacekeeping missions : the lessons from Cambodia
In the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, the streets are quieter these days. The thousands of UN vehicles are gone from the roads and, despite the busy jostling of new private cars and motorcycles,Expand